We are a non-political organisation created through a collaboration of the major amenity societies in the West End area in order to represent the residents there and to ensure that those who live in the centre of this City have a voice at a time when the West End is confronted with enormous intensification, and further to enable this community to be heard amongst the competing demands of business and the many other interests that influence policy within the area.

We act as the voice for the West End community on topics which cover the whole area in discussions with the two local authorities, Westminster City Council and the London Borough of Camden) and The Mayors Office, TfL, Met Police and other stakeholders.

WECN meeting with Westminster City Council 2018

WECN meeting with Westminster City Council

We are established for the express purpose of furthering the social, economic and environmental well-being of communities in the West End of London.

We are aware of the growing influence of Business Improvement Districts (BID’s) and Business Clubs in central London and wish to engage with them on matters of mutual interest.

Our Objectives

  1. To share experience, expertise and knowledge on topics of interest to all in the area.
  2. To raise concerns and views of residents and local businesses.
  3. To bring about improvements which are in the interests of residents, workers and visitors to our city.
  4. Speak with a joint voice on issues which are of interest across the West End.
  5. Promoting Civic Social Responsibility, Quality of Life and the Preservation of our Architectural Heritage. We represent: Bloomsbury; Covent Garden; Seven Dials; Fitzrovia; Leicester Square; Marylebone; Soho; Mayfair; St James’s, with a resident population estimated at 60,000 people.

Our intention is to contribute to progress in a positive and meaningful way.

Area covered by the West End Community Network

London’s WEST END COMMUNITY NETWORK is made up of the following community associations:

Bloomsbury Association; Charlotte Street Association; Covent Garden Community Association; Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Association; Leicester Square Association; Marylebone Association; Mayfair Residents Group; Soho Society; the Residents’ Society of Mayfair & St James’s; Seven Dials Trust.

Our wards are in the London Borough of Camden & Westminster City Council.

Major changes are taking place in way that London is governed and these community groups wish to have a say in that debate, particularly in relation to the interests of the resident population and small businesses. This collaboration is the first step in that process. We are a non-political organisation.

We all seek to live and work in a city that is, safe, clean, friendly, prosperous, fair and democratic.

Founding members meeting at The Bloomsbury Hotel in 2005.